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COMING MAY 27, 2023

Anima Mundi is a game that is designed to deliver an accessible and straightforward, yet deeply strategic, board game experience.  It was inspired by classic strategy video games, such as: 

Warcraft III , Final Fantasy Tactics, Warlords II, and Heroes of Might and Magic

As board games, these types of games are often unwieldy, with overly complicated mechanics and rules. 

Not in this case! We have specifically designed Anima Mundi to fix both over-complication as well as unbalances present in many classic strategy games. 

Put another way, we set out to create a game that captures the essence and strategy of these classic games, but translates into an elegant board game experience. After more than two years of development, we are happy to present the result of that goal. Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Redirects to thegamecrafter.com. Games are made to order, and will be put in a production queue when purchased.

Ridiculous zealots. Derpy followers. Subversive preaching. Amass your own cultish following by out-preaching your opponent in this strategic card game for two that takes less than 30 minutes to play. Preachify! is so easy to learn that we can describe the basics in three bullet points!

Misleading your opponent, the use of special cards, and card counting are all encouraged. Just be aware that although you may think you are leading your opponent on, they may be misleading you...

Championship Immortal

Redirects to thegamecrafter.com. Games are made to order, and will be put in a production queue when purchased.

The Championship Immortal -- the most prestigious of all gladiatorial contests. Here the most powerful and dangerous of all contestants are pitted against each other for the chance to claim victory. Good luck, and remember: only one can be named the Champion Immortal.


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 If you would like to use any of our music for your own purposes, we offer a variety of license options and prices, depending on scope, limitations, and duration. Please contact us at music@asaeil.games with any inquires.

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We also will compose music specific to your needs. Price depends on length, complexity, and exclusivity of desired license agreement. Please contact us at music@asaeil.games with any inquires.

About Asaeil Games

We are a small company with a primary focus on making fun to play games.


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